Escort of goods, cover

In order to avoid serious risks when transporting particularly valuable goods, contact Business liner to arrange transportation support. The service is provided by qualified security personnel who will ensure the safety of both the cargo itself and the client’s employees participating in the transfer.

Maintenance is carried out using high-tech security equipment, armed security can be provided. We guarantee the safety of transported items, as well as the complete confidentiality of the services provided. For each order, individual service conditions are considered depending on the needs of the client.

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The price starts from 10 000 rubles. (for 3 hours of work, then 1500 rubles / hour). Additional conditions include: escort car, firearms, body armor, foreign language, etc.
In cooperation, the cost is calculated according to another, individual price list.
The final cost of services is formed from the following factors:

The number of bodyguards
Weight and volume of cargo
Service Duration
Additional terms