Sergiev Posad

The Story of Sergiev Posad has its origin in the 14th century. It is the only city of Moscow that enters the famous «gold ring». The proximity to the capital makes it particularly popular for visits by Muscovites and tourists, who regularly come not only to see centuries-old sights, but also to plunge into the atmosphere of noisy souvenir bazaars, restaurants in Russian style and historical renovations. Duration of excursion from Moscow — one day. Travel time is 3 hours. The program includes the services of a guide, car with driver, hotel meeting, wi-fi.

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Vladimir — Suzdal

Vladimir and Suzdal — the cities that are considered to be the real «stars» of the Golden Ring of Russia due to the large number of sights and the special atmosphere of ancient Russia. Here are the White-Stone Kremlin, the Assumption Cathedral, several monasteries. The nature of the region deserves hotel attention, and many artists raise it. The excursion will take one day, travel time — 3 hours. The guide is for you and the cost of the service already includes entrance tickets to historical places. The trip is carried out in a comfortable car with the driver.

Yaroslavl — Rostov The Great

Excursion to two ancient cities located near each other will allow to immerse in one day in Russia times of last millennium. To this day, ancient traditions of wood carving, chimney art, masterpieces of architecture and Orthodox temples have survived here. The excursion will take one day, travel time is 3 hours. The guide is available for you and the cost of the service already includes entrance tickets to historical sites. The trip is carried out comfortable car with the driver

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Sergiev Posad — Vladimir — Suzdal

Cities can be considered by right as monuments of ancient Russian history and art. Founded at the beginning of the last millennium, they preserved a unique architectural ensemble of cathedrals and temples, within which one can find wall paintings, icons and examples of ancient Russian architecture. Some of the sites are included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. The excursion takes two days. The programme includes visits to historical monuments with provision of entrance tickets, travel by car with personal driver and the service of a guide with knowledge of a foreign language.

Sergiev Posad — Yaroslavl — Rostov The Great

You will have the opportunity to get acquainted with the history of cities with a thousand-year history, visit the distinctive suburban churches and majestic Orthodox churches, touch the Orthodox relics in the Holy Trinity Sergius Lavra, the Goritsky Monastery and the Transfiguration Cathedral, and also feel the spirit of ancient Russia streets of ancient cities. The tour takes two days. The price already includes entrance tickets, transportation by car with a personal driver and guide services.

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Sightseeing tours in Moscow

Short sightseeing tours around Moscow are the best way to acquaint business partners and guests with the culture of Russia. The capital opens from different sides: from modern art to the most ancient historical monuments, to which thousands of tourists from all over the world go every year. Two excursion programs that depend on your wishes and preferences (map 1 excursion and 2 excursions). We provide a car with a personal driver and guide services with knowledge of a foreign language, wi-fi and child seats upon request.

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